Use Cases


Tohcan is the ONLY mobile platform where you can send, swap and spend gift cards straight from your smartphone. The iOS and Android app solve two major problems: 1. Gift shopping is usually a headache for those who live busy lives 2. The £ million problem of gift cards going unspent every year. Currently, at […]


TAKE YOUR SHOT – Turn your passions into opportunities Slenky is a platform that connects organisations such as Birmingham council, Sony, Sky, Wembley Stadium to Slenksters (13-24 year-olds), offering them shots. It features two front end web sites, business and Slenkster-ones both powered by AppsForce’s mySite app. It also features a back-end site for administrators […]


Artificial intelligence software for businesses and accountants. Feelyx is product of Rateaco Ltd. from Birmingham, aiming for SMEs and Accountants to provide Business Analytics. We have worked with them on two stages, proof of concept and MVP. Both are completely based on AppsForce. Rateaco is currently looking for further investment to continue development of the […]

Horus Music

Horus Music – distributes music on all digital shops. Horus Music is the first AppsForce client. AppsForce was integrated into an existing system which was non-scalable. The issue Horus Music is resolving is distribution of digital content; music, videos and books for their clients worldwide on all available digital stores. The entire business was operating […]


BrainBroker   BrainBroker is a digital platform connecting small business owners with experts (brains), providing them business advise. One of the owners was involved in Noble Porter business and was so impressed with AppsForce that he decided to launch their own business based on AppsForce. We have installed AppsForce for this client with customization of […]

The Noble Porter

The Noble Porter is a premium delivery service. The Noble Porter is the most complex and most expensive AppsForce instance and showcases the full power of the AppsForce platform. The client wanted to have Uber, DHL, Deliveroo all in one product. In terms of overall service, AppsForce has no market competitio here. The complete Noble […]