The best support on the market

*...if we're the only service on the market

We believe AppsForce is so excellent you shouldn’t need documentation or support. …But just in case – we offer a full plate of help-options. Check out or docs, forums and bug reports. If you really need help, there’s always our support-tickets.


Have you heard the good word? Let's talk about our three kings: myDocs, myBugs and myForums


Every registered user is automatically a member

Nice and simple. Post a question, suggestion or comment in relevant thread. Our community will respond as quickly as possible. Together, we’re helping all other users who have similar questions. It is win-win situation!


All the info you need

For every app, and every part of the system we will provide a wiki type document to help you get around. The community is also invited to help. All the documentation is free, and designed to help you with all the tasks you might have. It should get you up and running really fast.


Well we hope this will never be used

We all make mistakes, and ours are usually called bugs. Something does not work, throws an error, or acts weird. While we offer no warranty – we want our product to work perfectly. All users are encouraged to report all bugs, and we will fix them ASAP. Reporting is FREE of course, to support the AppsForce-community.


Sometimes you need hand-holding. That's ok. Welcome to mySupport

One Off

I will just ask for help this one time

We know you – you are master of your own destiny, a conqueror and a noble aid to those in need. But maybe, just this once, you need a hand. We are happy to help. …For a price. You’ve got one problem – we got one solution. So go ahead and ask, we can chat, email, do phone call or Skype. Choose your preferred medium.


Are you one of those?

There is always somebody queuing in front of us, asking hundreds of questions and slowing down an otherwise perfect system. Are you one of those people? Do not worry, we still love you. We’ll create a queue just for you. For a fee of course, but what is money between the friends? Choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold (fancy support tickets, direct e-mail or a direct phone call), and subscribe. You can use it as many times as you need. All the time. Let’s get to know each other! Or choose our packages for re-sellers if you have to manage many AppsForce systems.