Private Cloud

Store your data and apps securely on one of the main providers of private cloud services

Storing your stuff on our partners private servers (Linode, Digital Ocean, soon Amazon) is easy and cost effective.

Not sure what to choose? Go for the lowest one, upgrading is easy and two clicks.

These guys know their business. Servers are professionally maintained, virtually always on, and their support is fantastic.

With many locations to choose all over the world, this is the easiest way to get online.

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Won’t cost you a kidney.

Stand Alone Servers

Full Control

AppsForce can be installed on any server. To see how to do it, check our documentation. But it should work on any Linux, Windows or OS X server.

This is harder to setup, but gives you absolute control of the server. You can rent a server from us, from any hosting company or just host it yourself in your office or even from home.

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Run it on Raspberry Pi

AppsForce has low requirements and even works on mini computers, and you don't need a degree in Computer Science to figure it out.

Run it locally

Have your data and apps stored securely on one of the main providers of private cloud services

Can AppsForce run from a private intranet, computer in the garage, a laptop or even a raspberry pi? -YES!

Either get the code from our GIT account, get the Virtual Machine image, or set it up in any development environment and you will be up and running in 10 minutes. Or more. Probably much more. But technically 10 minutes.

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You can run AppsForce-development on any machine. We have it working on Linux, PC or MAC using any software – from Xampp, Apache to Nginx.

Learn more by checking our documentation

Virtual Machine

You can get AppsForce as a virtual machine. Its easy to setup. Just import it to your VM software and it is up and running.

That’s probably the fastest way to test AppsForce locally.


For real digital heroes: you can get the source from GIT. Please check the documentation for details. This option allows you full control of every single line of code of AppsForce.