In Your Language

AppsForce works in pretty much any language. Select the global AppsForce language (it defaults to English) and each user will have that language. If they want to, they can choose to change it within their account.

Works On Any Device

AppsForce is a cloud-based application, so the users can access it from any internet connected device. We have build it as a responsive web site, which means it will have the same functionality and will look good regardless of screen size. So you can use it on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC or […]

Server App Store

Just like on your phone. Go to a store, search for the app, tap on install, wait a few minutes and you can start using the app. Why would servers be different? Well, they just are. If you do not know how to SSH into Linux Command Prompt, and have no idea what the Sudo […]

Global Search

Global Search is a new feature of AppsForce. Enter a search term and AppsForce will search every single app, and find everything relevant to you and the term you searched for. For example: search for ‘Jenni’, and it will find all emails, meetings, instant messages, documents, invoices, holiday requests, projects, tasks, and everything else you […]

Cross Platform

A much-used term. AppsForce is cross platform too. It can work on any computer, server, desktop, laptop even raspberry pi. From the back end – server side it really uses the most standard cross platform technology. From the front end it is even more cross platform. If a device has an internet connection and a […]

6 Months ROI

We priced AppsForce to always beat our competition. If you decide to use it for a small or a large team, the cost will pay off on average after 6 months of usage compared to any competitor. If you plan to use it for less then 6 months, choose one of our monthly subscriptions – […]

To Pay or not to Pay?

Don’t pay us anything. Ever. For real. If you can, just keep using the free version. If it’s fine for your 20 sales guys to log in as John Smith and share one account, that’s fine. We can’t help you if you get a call from John Smith though. We recommend a more abstract global […]

Offer your products in our store

Have a business app you’d like to offer in our appstore? Well bring it over! We will take the smallest percentage on the market. If you aren’t happy and want bigger cake, have it. Take the whole lot. Maybe you can share a customer or two with us, and mention us somewhere, sometimes.

How it works

Magic! Well no. It’s a bunch of boring business apps, and the code is boring too. Mostly fetch stuff from a database or stick it in back in. Now, if you keep adding lots of code, and then more, you either end up with a bunch of nothing, or you something special.


If you need a job done, ask a lazy person. We’re most definitely that. Either this product will sell itself, or somebody else will sell if for us. We prefer the latter. Do you think you can recommend this to one or two people (or a million of them)? Well good. Do that. Whatever you […]