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And because we need it. We think you need it too.

There is nothing like it out there. Every other tool is either un-finished, incompatible or inadequate. The current digital solutions help us to get by, but they usually don’t make work easier. We respect our business. We want our business to grow. That’s why we built these tools. We want to share them with you.

AppsForce tackles many problems

SMEs are faced with ever-increasing competition and demands, without adequate tools. Until now.

IT Costs

Technology is expensive. Typical business IT-spending keeps increasing.

  • Pay for domains, servers, certificates, website design and maintenance.
  • Pay for software licenses, per user, per megabyte, per month and cpu.
  • Par for software developers, project managers, designers and marketing
  • Pay for staff training, sotware usage – most users spend more time on computers then doing actual job.
  • Pay for the equipment, laptops, desktops, mobile phones and IT support.
  • Pay for unfortunate accidents, like when you lose data or get hacked.

It is too much

Do you think you have too many accounts and passwords?

  • How many times have you registered, and filled up the same data?
  • How many different payments to different companies have you made?
  • How many different ways of doing the same thing have you had to learn?
  • How many times did you wish that product does something differently?
  • How many times did you want one product to just work with another?

Privacy rip-off

Have you even wondered why big companies can afford to offer free services?

Just read their privacy policy. They collect your data, and ‘share’ it with everyone who’ll pay for it.

Read ‘sharing’ as ‘selling’. Their chosen partners pay to get the information.

What is the value of Facebook? User data. You add content, for free and they own and sell your information. Divide the value of Facebook with number of users and you will see how much is it. It is $250 per user. Same goes for Google, LinkedIn & Microsoft. Your business information is worth considerably more.


If you were a hacker, who would you hack? People with the most data.

Big cloud systems like Apple, Google and Microsoft hold millions of accounts. This is a gold mine to hackers. Like banks to armed robbers.

If you get hacked – would you tell everyone? At the risk of people losing confidence in your service and going elsewhere. Of course not.

The fact is that every public server has a attempt to be hacked every minute.

Occasionally somebody reports that company X lost millions of user data.

This does not work and it is not secure.

It does not work

Having so many scattered services is not effective. Services are too often not compatible.

When you have your emails on gmail, files on Onedrive, contacts on your iPhone, potential clients on LinkedIn, marketing on Facebook, accountancy on Sage, clients on your e-commerce site, tasks on Trello, people communicating on e-mail, Skype, phone, slack, Whatsap and so on and so on.

Add to that when you have to manage 20-30 employees – who has access to what?

That is a recipe for disaster.

See how we resolved all this and more

Most important click of this century

Why should you use it?

You don't have to, but we think it'd be a good idea if you did.

We are using existing apps with hundreds and thousands of installations. Tried and tested.

AppsForce is simple to use. Any tech-savvy monkey could set it up 10 minutes. At least that’s what we assume. We’ve never met a monkey.

Because we like to get a little cocky, we challenge you to present us with a business that wouldn’t benefit from AppsForce.

Installations of Apps

Files it is made of

Minutes to set it up



Compare The Costs

Let’s see how much Appsforce costs over time

Other Solutions

IT Department

Well you need a guy or two, or somebody’s kid, but you need to pay people to help you with computers

IT Equipment

Servers, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Accessories, Routers, Printers, Telephones… – You need to work for years to pay it all, and then you need new models


Every piece of crap software needs a licence. For every user. Even if the buggers only use it once.


And then disaster strikes. No back up, somebody hacked you, USB key lost, everything you built gone in flames


No IT Department

AppsForce works. Needs no maintenance. IT people in age of computers are obsolete.

No equipment

Would you hire a guy which owns typewriter to type letters and send them by pigeon? Well if they have a device they can use AppsForce on it.

No Fees

You can use AppsForce for free. And even if you go nuts and buy the full licences they pay back in 6 months.


Just for fun – delete all your files, and infect your server with ransomware. With AppsForce you will be up and running again with few clicks and in 10 minutes.

WHY (Seriously)

Let's talk about some figures and use-cases

The digital age is supposed to make business easier, but it doesn’t always work out that way.
IT is just to fiddly, to expensive and complex. We spend so much time figuring out our devices that we don’t have time to do our real job. Doctors have to dig their way through a system to get our subscriptions right. Waiters communicate through hand-held devices – it all looks very modern- but doesn’t really improve or even reduce waiting time on a dining experience.

‘Service apps’ that are supposed to help businesses are generally unsatisfactory. The services are usually very minimal, un-finished (buggy), ridiculously expensive, non-compatible with other software/devices or a combination of those. An entrepreneur wants their business to grow and should be encouraged to invest in solutions that help achieve this. Preferably by being offered a good product, rather than a fast sales pitch.

That is exactly how we built AppsForce. Instead of months of research, deployment, trials, training, learning, buying expensive equipment or licenses, (only to figure out that it does not yield proper benefit), we have a complete business-system for you – which you can have up and running in 5 minutes. And it costs you nothing! As your business grows, and you add people to your teams, you will need more and only then will we present you with a bill (that won’t require additional investors).

Employees can work from an office, but also use their own devices, work from home, train or anywhere in the world. All apps feel the same and they do not need to spent ages learning how to use them. They can just dive in.

Since it is all in one place (your private cloud), protected by one password and available anywhere, there is no way you will lose any data,time or money.

Everything about your business can be run from any device. Borrow your friends’ iPhone and show him your presentation directly from a browser. Go to your accountant and log in on his PC and show him all data (he doesn’t need an account for you to do that). On a smart-TV you can monitor your sales while you watch a football game.

Really – the question here is not ‘why AppsForce’, but why is wasn’t this developed years ago? We are small/medium business people. And we want decent software.

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