AppsForce can be integrated into many other platforms

Maybe AppsForce does not provide the 110% you need. Maybe you want to plug it into your current digital solution, like a mobile app, a custom-written report, or even to an existing system, we understand. Integration is possible and quite easy!


Any developer can modify AppsForce

AppsForce is using Laravel, PHP, mySQL, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, Composer, Tomcat and other most popular technologies. It has its own APIs which allow you to access anything in the app. Or you can extend a Laravel App and have complete access to everything! Hire us, your own in-house teams, or write it yourself. Even if you aren’t a developer – there are literally millions of plugins and extensions providing all kinds of integration and customisation.

Advanced Options

How far can we push it!?

AppsForce works as a server on any computer. When we say it works on Raspberry Pi, it actually does. It can work on any Linux, Apache, Windows, OSX Servers or Tomcat. It can work on your laptop, desktop, server, you can set it up as an Intranet. You can set it up in the cloud. It works on multiple servers, using advanced options, fail-overs, caching, you name it – it works. Set it up anywhere. The Apps won’t mind. Neither will the extensions, plugins, themes or custom written code.

Hiring Us

We'd prefer if you didn't

AppsForce was originally a product of Codeten Ltd, a development agency, which has developed hunderds of custom solutions. We have access to at least 60 top developers, UX designers, Project Managers. Obviously we can develop any solution you might need. Case in point – we built AppsForce! So yeah, we can build it for you – but it has to be special. Otherwise we recommend one of our partner companies for the job. Please contact us with any questions or to receive a quote.

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We listen

We want to know how you would expand AppsForce. Find a new and exciting uses. If you are planning something cool – we want to hear it.

We advise

We can advise you on how to get your business to where you want it to be. And we can help you get there.

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