When To Use AppsForce?

When and who should use AppsForce? How do you know if it's right for your company?
What is your purpose? A few practical answers below.

Productivity & efficency

AppsForce is for power users. So if you are a freelancer, have a disruptive plan, already started your business, one man band, small group of people with a big idea, small or medium business, illegal business, or just sick and tired of Microsoft, Google, Apple, or hate remembering and resetting passwords, or just a geek wanting something new, developer, sales guy, accountant, you want to make a quick buck, religious cult, spying organisation or Spanish Inquisition you are on the right page.

When to switch?

If your illegally downloaded Word does not work. If your Google drive is full. If ladies underwear adds started appearing when your boss is checking your work. If you are paranoid about security and privacy. Now is the time. Want to overthrow a government, declare independence or reverse Brexit? Join us. If you tried 100s of different solutions and your head exploded? If you do not know how to use computers and have money to burn? Oh we love you! Join us please. We giv diskont.

We are tackling many problems

SMEs are faced with ever increasing competition and demands, and don't have adequate tools. Till now.

IT Costs

Technology is expensive. Typical business IT spending is always increasing.

  • We give you free or at cost price domains, cheap servers or use existing ones for free, free certificates maintenance and backups.
  • No usage limitations, free forever, or very small fees, typically fully paying of in 6 months compared to alternative solutions.
  • No cost of IT department, you don’t need one. Design and Marketing simplified, so even if you pay somebody to do it for you it will be faster and cheaper.
  • All apps work the same, once you figure them out, you can use the whole system. Saves tons on training.
  • BYOD – Bring your own device. AppsForce works on any device, so you don’t need to invest a penny in hardware.
  • When the disaster strucks, AppsForce can be completely reloaded in 15 minutes. All your data is always safe.

It is too much

Do you think you have too many accounts and passwords?

  • In AppsForce you only have one account and one password, regardless of how many apps or services you have.
  • There is one payment that you make, to one supplier. You chose do you want one off license, or monthly or annual automatic payment. Simple.
  • Apps that work together. That can fully share all the data from any app. That look and feel the same, you can just use any of them seamlessly, sometimes without even realizing you do.
  • Apps that cen be extended and modified to do exactly what you want. Is this a dream? It was till we built AppsForce.

Privacy rip-off

Our business model is based on we don't care about your information.

  • We don’t want your information. We don’t store your credit cards, your preferences.
  • We don’t use analytic, big data. We don’t sell it to anyone. We don’t endorse spying.
  • Your business is your own business.
  • Don’t believe us? Read our privacy policy? Still don’t believe us? Our code is open source, find a thing that reports anything to us. Find a back door!


Private cloud, means that you are a tree hidden in the forest. Even if one AppsForce instance gets hacked, all others are not.

On top of that you have full control of security measures. Encryption, VPN, filter by country, device, user, etc.

And remember most hacking jobs come with help from the inside. Having full control of employees and they access to your sensitive data is what AppsForce does the best.

It does not work

One service. All data in one database. Available to every application and user.

You control who has access to what. Even within those boundaries, users are supper users.

One search and they find all the relevant data. One page and they see everything that they need to do.

One system that finally enables every one of you to finally do your job right.

That is recipe for success.

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Our Testimonials

Everybody has ‘real’ testimonials detailing how great their product is. The bigger, better and more efficient solution…. So here we go.

Couldn't be bothered. Am cat.

A Cat,
I rule you

Cannot see properly - touched many things. Pleasing. 10/10 would touch again.

From your local recycle bin

As a real person, with mind of my own, I say you should give all your money to AppsForce. I did. Just do it. Now.

Real person,
Chairman of Protectors of AppsForce, secret organisation.

This is a test testimonial, saying something great about the product, team and stuff.

Real President of USA

Well damn, I should've thought of this when I created world. Instead of rain - AppsForce.


Wao - such great. Very exciting. Unbelievable!

A Dog,
Sit. Good boi.

The spatula was great. I made a fantastic salad. Thank you guys.

Joe Daniel,
Housewife and transgender

KILL ALL HUMANS! ...I mean - *ping*

A Machine,

I like AppsForce's distributed top-down approach as it closely matches my neural layout.

An Octopus,
just floating, nothing to see. move on...

Short on cash?

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Finally, answer to your question

You. Are. Dedicated. You went on this web site, and clicked on the menu, and then on this weird title? What answer are you looking for anyway?
...And you're still reading - perhaps even curiously. We respect that. The following is just for you, you are a rare human being.

AppsForce is a special project. There is nothing like it on the market. It is made for two types of people. Those who searched the whole internet and did not find the perfect tool, and those ones who stopped searching because the right terms don’t exist. And those who asked their barber, and he did not know. OK, It is made for three kinds of people. Also it’s for entrepreneurs. And small and medium Businesses. Right, four kinds of people and two kinds of organisations.

Also can be used by various organisations – charities, governments, NGO’s, alien or abstract entities and cults. AppsForce is proudly neutral as well as politically indifferent.

It’s easier to list who can’t use AppsForce. Hermits, that’s who.

There’s a use for everyone in AppsForce, because it’s what you use it for. Whatever digital structure you need, AppsForce can either provide or become.

Try it.

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