Unique Features of AppsForce

What is AppsForce and what makes it different and unique?

Compete Business Tool

AppsForce is modular, with apps for any business purpose. No matter what you do, we have you covered. The idea is that you’ll no longer need 50 incompatible services, you get one, compartimentalized solution that works great regardless of which apps you choose (or don’t choose).

Privacy and Security

AppsForce is your private system. Your business – your data. No spyware, analytics, crash reports, no access to your data. Run your business from an isolated private cloud, where you can have as many layers of security you need to give you peace of mind.

Fully Automated

We have fully automated every IT process, so you don’t need an IT department to create a tailored solution. Save time, money and allow yourself to focus on your work.

Try It Now

The best way to get familiar is to start playing around with AppsForce.

There are many ways to make AppsForce work for you.

Step One!

Get used to being in full control. Sounds weird?

You are the boss, the ruler, the admin. You answer to no-one.

When you first start AppsForce, it’s a blank slate. You can add, remove, enable and disable collegues, employees, minions- whatever you call them. Then, if desired, you can assign their role – from lowly peasant (contributor) to second-in-command (moderator).

From there, add all the apps you need. They’re all free (to a point), so add as many as you like and use them unrestricted. You control which apps your subjects have access to.

Step Two!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Security? We’ve got it covered. You can read our fine print but bottom line – AppsForce is built like Fort Knox.

Privacy? It is your business. Nobody has any access to your data, not even us.

Cost? It’s up to you! Use it for free forever, buy into temporary accounts or just get an unlimited license and never pay us again.

OK, Seriously What Is It?

Not satisfied with the simple description? What to know what it really is? No funny stuff?
OK, let's dig deeper.


AppsForce is

AppsForce is a cloud software package designed to run on any server. You can run it on our servers, your own servers, your local server, your PC, your or your Raspberry Pi if you want to. Its front-end wors in-browser, so it’s accessible by any device (with your credentials) as long as it’s online. We want to make it as accessible as possible.

AppsForce is your control-tower, a window to overlook your business. Just like a tower – it does nothing on its own. Its use comes from everything around it. It’s applications, its users and how it helps them connect.

Lets say you have an e-commerce business. Like other services, AppsForce provices you with a free e-commerce shop.
You assign your marketing and design-guys to work on it. However, you do not want them to see orders or sales, so you exclude them from those. Product managers just need to add and manage products, warehouse-guys just need packing lists.
You control that process with just a click. Not five. One. Now your accountant requests all your invoices. No problem – you download the accountancy app. It shares the database to your accountant and it can get all the invoices from e-commerce in real time. Your marketing-guy wants to integrate your business with social networks – your user base (even non-registered visitors). The marketing app gets the info from the e-commerce app, and connects it to the e-mail app. Neat? Well, the sales-crew want a piece of cake too. They want to be able to run campaigns, set targets, on existing customer base and generated leads. And they can!

Add project management, telephone system, chat, file sharing, and many others. See what happens.

Actually seeing what happens is important. Each user has their own dashboard with all their relevant day-to-day tasks, meetings and updates. All in real-time. A complete overview – distributed on need-to-know base.

Of course you will end up searching for things. Imagine having a google search but for your own business. Type anything in the search box, for example “Jane”. It will list all the meetings, emails, instant messages, documents, tasks, anything to do with “Jane”. Communication, Client-info or HR-related information. Of course these searches are limited by role and access. You can only search the databases assigned to your role.

Ease of use: we designed all apps to look and feel the same. That’s important because once you learn how to use one app, you know how to use all of them. Furthermore, you can set up a ‘global’ company language and all apps will be in that language. If one of your co-workers does not understand it – they can set their own language. You can personalise the complete look and feel.

Still want more? Integration with existing systems, or adding support for the mobile app. You’re free to design, build and integrate your own apps. There is no limit on the expand-ability.

Offer or sell your own apps on our app store, as well as plugins and themes.

Is it more clear now? If not – just keep clicking around!

What's Next?

Well quite simple. You go out and do whatever you do best. AppsForce has your digital bottom covered, and your minions can finally get on with their tasks.


To start - Nothing.
Later - next to nothing or still nothing.

To run a web service like AppsForce you do not need a domain. You can use an IP address, run it locally on intranet or as an onion link in the deep web. If you prefer, you can use up to five of our free domains.

You can use an existing domain, or you can purchase one from us.

The same goes for servers. Run it from your own computer, an existing server or purchase server space through us.

Support is also free. We have extensive documentation and a forum, where you can help find answers. However you can also subscribe or buy a one-off technical support ticket.

Applications are free. Forever. Our 'trick' is to limit the number of users per app. You can have at least two free users forever. If you need more, you can get a temporary subscription (monthly or anually), or buy a one off license that lasts forever.

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