The AppsForce Team

It takes a rare breed to create something new. A stubborn, fanatic band of creatives with big ideas and even big imaginations.
Nerds! That's us.

We're just like you, or people who appear in stock photos looking very business/casual. Normal.

*This is not actually us.

The A-Team

The proud fools currently dedicated to AppsForce.

Andre Fabris

Lives in a van, travels around Europe and kicks his own ass most of the time.

Slaven Beram
Front End Developer

Ah, we don’t know what he actually does.

Eline Primowees
Marketing and Science

She fits right in

Davor Vrcelj

All the great designs have nothing to do with him

Atif ‘Benjo’ Becirbasic
Back End Developer

No image or social media profiles, who knows does he really exists

Zrinka Vrdoljak, MBA
Finance Manager

Finance Manager   Accounting professional with demonstrated expertise in Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Risk Management. I have extensive experience

Arijana Dolos
Sales & Marketing Manager

Sales & Marketing Management|Operations|Business Dev A Sales Management professional with 15 years of experience in B2B, Partner, Vendor and Corporate End User relati

Adam Farr
Digital Business Lawyer

Digital Business Lawyer Helping founders, investors, CEOs, CFOs and inhouse counsel in digital businesses to minimize legal risks with contract partners and regulators, p

Michael O’Dwyer
Business Growth Advisor

MD specialising in business growth, strategy, change management & leadership work with multinational businesses to help them stabilise and grow. In the last 12...

Simon Kallu, ACA
Finance Advisor

Founder of SRK | Author | Working with driven entrepreneurs in the UK to grow their businesses | Accountant | Mentor What I do...

Mick Sims
Business Consultant

Business Consultant I successfully provide services to help ​business ​and personal life run more smoothly. ​ With Sincerity Personnel ​I can help candidates and.

Yasser Khan, FCCA

FCCA Accountant and Business Advisor At SRK we help you grow your business. We do this by providing efficient tax planning, expert accountancy services...

I just want to say that I have never worked with a crazier bunch of people.

I have no idea what brings them together, or what makes them work, but they do – quite a bit.


Special thanks to all others who contributed to AppsForce: Hrvoje, Arijana, Vedran, Zrinka just to mention a few of 40ish people who worked on it in the past.


We're Working Together, All Over the World

Every minute there are thousands of developers at work, setting up DNS, FTP, SSH, SSL, NS, PHP, SQL, MX, GIT and many other components required for your web site or service to run. We did it ONCE so you NEVER have to do it again.

This team and their determination to never wear a suit is amazing. Money or no, ridiculous hours, no office, no work-benefits, nothing.
Just an old piece of junk computer, spotty internet and blind determination.

We argued, we laughed, we cried, we threw stuff at the wall, we gave up, we started again. And we did it.

There was a lot of swearing. In fact, the bespoke AppsForce-code comes with a guarantee of at least one curse per line.

AppsForce was built on sweat, blood, tears and most of all - swearing.

Our Clients

The people behind these businesses kept insisting on a product like AppsForce until we built it for them.

We Couldn't Do It Without Our Cool Partners

There are million companies out there. We chose these guys to partner up with. They're the best. Or the cheapest.