We did the heavy lifting

Thousands of developers across the globe are working right now, setting up an almost infinite amount of components required for your web site or service to run. We built ONE solution so you NEVER have to do it again.

Min to create an account

Mins to complete our wizard

Mins to add a few colleagues

Mins to download a few apps

"You said five, and that was clearly seven minutes!"

You could probably finish the set up in under five minutes if you really wanted to. But why would you? Take your tim - read what you sign up for!


You’ll still need an account, but we’ve kept things to a bare minimum.
Your name, email address and password will suffice. If you use auto-complete, it’s finished in seconds.


Our wizards will get you a domain, a server and the AppsForce setup. It takes roughly 8 clicks to go through the setup. In AppsForce v2.0 we promise it will take 7. So you can complete it with your eyes closed in 30 seconds.

Setting Up

Time for a 5-minute break! Help yourself to a nice coffee. It takes a little time for things to get set-up. That’s how long it will take us to get you a server, install all the required software and get all the settings right. …Just enough time to browse today’s headlines.

Adding Users

To add a user is as simple as typing a name, email and password and hit save. Give them access to apps (with the information they need) just by clicking on the word ‘Grant’. You don’t have to add anyone though. So to create managing users: 1 minute or less.

Adding Apps

Just like on your phone. Click ‘add’ on the App-icon. While phone apps are small and you are on WiFi, Server Apps are huge, but they are on super fast internet. It takes no time at all to have app up and running. And all you need is ONE click. No time!

Sign up now

Won’t cost you a kidney.


"Ok, but running my business takes a little bit more than an account and a few apps!"

It would be terrible if we created this super cool installation for a tool that turns out to be so complicated that you need three phd's to figure it out...
But we didn't.


A one-page overview shows all your users. You can add, enable, edit or delete their permissions. ‘Details’ will show you the apps and roles you’ve assigned to them.
One click to Grant or Remove access, one click to change a role.


Adding and deleting apps takes one click. A license update is also just a click away. It’s at least as easy as the Istore. Receive all your invoices and subscriptions in one place.
And cancelling is easy. If it’s not for you, we won’t keep you, or pellet you with notifications. AppsForce should be able to work with you because it’s a quality service.

Using Apps

All our Apps look and feel the same. Once you figure one out, the next one is intuitive.
We’re not saying there’s no learning curve. AppsForce does not turn you into Richard Branson. There’s nothing intuitive about CRM, HR, CMS or any other business component. AppsForce simply makes these components easier to control. It will take a few hours to get the hang out of it, and a few days or weeks to realise and utilise the full potential of our apps. But your only investment is time.

Help Center

We provide you with a lot of help. FAQs, Wiki, Forums and Support are in place to answer your questions. All the apps have thousands of posts online, there’s YouTube tutorials for everything. But we believe you won’t need it (much). Most of the time is usually spent on ‘getting it set up right’ before you actually get to learn and use it. We took care of that first part, so you all you have to do is look around and get comfortable.

Want to learn more?

Do you enjoy longreads? You've scrolled to the right place!
Extra long for you my friend:

The challenges of online businesses and how AppsForce deals with them

An average user has to choose between many different domain services.
Sign up. Confirm e-mail. Choose a domain. Enter details. Then figure out DNS and nameservers. They usually call help at this stage. The whole process can take days. With AppsForce, all you have to do is choose a domain or enter their existing details. Done-and-done.

Next up is ‘hosting’. What information is shared, what you need, and what that’s supposed to cost. Only to learn months later that changes are not allowed.
Often, users buy into a business package which turn out to be a more expensive non-user friendly solution. Some adventurers go and sign up for Amazon Web Services or similar. They’ll be met with a billion options written in what might as well be Chinese.
You end up paying 0.0000001 USD per cycle, which seems like an affordable deal. However, when you get the bill at the end of the month it reads 200USD, before even starting your server.
How to install Linux? Really? We can hardly figure it out ourselves. A Windows license costs extra. Do I really have to use command prompt?! What is SSH? How do I install WordPress and use it? What do you mean it needs a theme? Online business is a crazy-complicated challenge that has very little to do with you actually RUNNING your business.
AppsForce takes care of this. And it costs the equivalent of a pint a month!

Ok, you want to install an app on your server, like WordPress or Sugar CRM. You discover you don’t have PHP, so you install it, then you have to edit php.ini via command prompt to increase the upload size of your files from 2MB to something more sensible.

But wait. What about database? You install Mongo, just to realise it is not supported? And then finally when you get everything it throws 500 server error. No explanation why. Hint: Check .htaccess files…
Or save yourself a huge amount of time and money and get AppsForce. Yeah we mentioned it before – it is ONE CLICK.

Once it is all set up and running, AppsForce is comparably easy to learn. All apps just work and look the same, they are responsive (work on any device) and there is plenty of support out there to get you going.

But you want to integrate your apps. Connect the users together, export one report and import it in other app. Maybe you’ll use a conventional format and, maybe you’ll be lucky. It’s unlikely though. Anyone who’s worked on digital projects knows the bane of transporting information from one medium to another. Open a .docx file in LibreOffice? Not without ruining your formatting! But wait – perhaps there’s a fix!
If you don’t use AppsForce, you will spent ages installing plugins, read countless ‘helpful’ comments – just change 10 lines of code here and there, set up API keys, oAuth2, stuff like that. And it still does not work. By this time you could have learned programming and coded the solution yourself. AppsForce integrates apps like no other platform out there. Why? How? Well they are on the same server on the same database. Because our Appstore is powered by AppsForce.


Well, really (almost) nothing.

You do not need a domain to run AppsForce. You can use an IP address, run it locally on an intranet, or even as an onion link in Deepweb. If that doesn't suit your fancy you can get up to five of our free domains.

You can use existing an domain, or you can buy through us.

Same goes for the servers. Run AppsForce from your own computer, or existing server or even purchase one of ours.

Support is also free. We have extensive documentation, forum etc, where you can help find answers to all your questions. However - if you want you can subscribe or get one-off technical support ticket.

Our applications are free. Forever. The AppsForce 'trick' is to limit the number of users per app. You can have two free users forever. If you need more, you can buy a one-off unlimited licence. If you just need it temporarily, you can get a monthly or annual subscription.

To start check out the App Store

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