What is a Domain?

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How can something so simple become so complicated? Yeah it is easy – your business is called goodcake, but you can’t register goodcake.com. And finally when you settle for quitealrightbigcookie.eu.uk the real problem starts.

How to set up DNS, name servers, email servers, FTP and all the other records?

Luckily we’ve automated this.

.com or .tk, which to choose?

Create or expand your domain through AppsForce, it's manageable!

Here's how domains work

A web domain is like a phone-number...

We can provide you with a domain name and set everything up for you. Or you can use your existing one, or even not have one. Let me explain:

appsforce.org can work as a domain, and on the server we run AppForce. So your visitors or customers, just like yourself on this site visit the front end, while the clients or your employees login and visit back end. Employees get e-mail and everything else setup. If you use our wizard, all of that is setup automatically for you.

If you already have a domain, you can transfer it to us, and the automatic setup will cover it. But if you want you can keep it with your provider, but then you need to log in there, and change a few things. Luckily we provided instructions how to do so.

Free or at no additional cost

Selling domains is not our primary business. That is why we offer free domains, and all the others at their listed price. As a domain re-seller, we get discounts which we pass onto you.

Private, Secure & Anonymous

Registering a domain requires that you provide your own email and address. As we register for you, your identity is hidden at no extra cost except what domain providers charge.

Simple, stable, reliable service.

Once you register your domain, you just forget about it. We will automatically renew it when needed and only contact you if there is something to be paid for. Enjoy the peace of mind of non-interrupted service.

Easy Domain Management

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