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Everyone's full of promises. Be your own boss. Unlimited possibilities...

Here is something completely different. How would you like this is your business and you make all the profit? The way you want?

We do not want to say we are the best!

We don't like dealing in superlatives. Decide for yourself.

The only business with a 97% profit margin

We do not have expenses. At all. So we made pure profit? Do we want it? No!

There are things more valuable than money, but people still need some of it. So you can have ours. Well yours. You make it you earn it.

Sell AppsForce to your clients, leads, friends. Register as a re-seller. All profit from Apps is yours. So sell one app for 100 USD/EUR/GBP and you will get 970.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Call us now. Let’s do business. DIFFERENTLY!

Check the math

And get started tomorrow.

Let’s do some math. Get 10 clients, each client gets 5 apps in one month. You earn:

10 X 5 X 970 = 48,500. Simple. How big is the market? It is the global market. Google registered SME’s per country. See the so called competitors?

We wont give you a penny on domains, servers and support. Our profit margins there are small so we are not going to mention them. But we offer all this service for you. Just sell.

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Need sales tools? How about AppsForce? CRM, Marketing, Accounting – all you need.

Monthly Payments

You can track your sales as they happen. We have automatic monthly payments. Sell subscriptions. Pension sorted.

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System down

Quite shorty we will introduce a re-seller portal, where you can do work your magic. Currently you can register, the sales will simply be registered manually.


As AppsForce is currently in the MVP stage, some features are still to come. Depending on your interest we might prioritize this section. Let us know.

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