We're All Working Together, That's No Secret.

Are you a developer or an agency? Do you have your own product? Are you looking for job, or just think we are cool? This is a place for you. Feel welcome to join in!

We Work With Passion

We regularly work past midnight. Music blaring in our headphones, our families asleep upstairs. We’re typing this. We care! Do you care too? Join us!

We Work Together

We are tired of political correctness, token ethnicities and the picture-perfect fake society. We don’t give a crap about it. We have a bunch of different ideas, There is a page about that too!

We Work With Care

Planned obsolence? Product recalls? Fake emission reports? Double agenda’s? Not us.

We don't want your money

Everything for free? What is the catch? Well screw you – there isn’t one.

We don't want your data

We don’t care about it. We aren’t going to sell it. In fact, part of our value is that we don’t sell it. Your business is your business. Nobody will get us to give your data as we don’t have access to it.

Join the community

If you want join the community. Contribute. Don’t keep us a secret! Spread the word. Thank you.

We will make money

Some people will still pay us. Not because we tricked them or sold them in app-purchases. We didn’t set them up with a ‘Fremium model’ either. Our business plan is available online. Have a look at our sales assumptions and income channels. Open as OPEN SOURCE.

No Warranty

We have done much more to protect you and your data. If you still manage to loose it, loose profit or anything similar, that’s not on us. Our terms and conditions apply, we are not responsible.

Everybody Wins!

We win as a team. Let’s work a new, fresh vision. Together!

Want To Sell Your Stuff To Our Clients?

You can! We offer better agreements because we want your stuff. We want your solutions in our portfolio. You actually control your product, as long as we see what it is. Any plugin, theme, application, development service, hosting, server service, advertising or business development is welcome. Especially re-sellers – but they have their own page. How? Read On!

We want to work with you!

AppsForce is an App Store. If you want to sell your product, you will register as a developer. You can read the requirements and documentation, check the APIs and get help when needed. You do your testing and submit your application.

Then test it, manually. It takes time. Please be patient. Once approved, it goes to the store.

It has to do a few things:

  • Integrate with the user database and central management system
  • Be Responsive
  • Look like the rest of the system
  • Respect our privacy and security policies.

Apart from that, you set everything else. Pricing, whether you charge per subscription, per user, per month, per year. Up to you. Or have license model? All fine.

We take a small percentage to cover our costs. Not 30% like Apple. And then reduce your share for IRS, VAT, HMRC, transfer fees, currency conversation. Not with us. Our percentage is between 10% and 25%.

If we don’t like your solution, we will charge 25%. We do not like Google and Microsoft. Dropbox. If you are not them… good. We’ll get you a better rate.

Every month you will recieve an automatic payment to your account and you will have live data on your sales and performance.

So if you have app, bring it in. If you have a plugin for an app, an extension, integration or a theme? They’re welcome too.

Want to offer a service? Hosting? Domains? Something else? Show us!

Want to offer assistance, translation, development of custom solutions? You’re in.

Want to sell beer? OK. We don’t mind testing that either.

You want to join us?

We don't have fancy portal right now, but it's coming soon.

How hard is it

This does not mean you can’t start selling. The sooner you get on board, the better your chances are to establish your product and generate a profit.

Shall we do this first?

We are working hard to add many features, so please let us know if we need to prioritize this one. Regardless – we can still do all installations, sales and payments, just we need to calculate and pay you manually.

Become part of our story

Fill this form up, and we will contact you soon, and we’ll take it from there.

Do you want to work with us?

'with', not 'for'.

Are you a student, a hobby developer or a designer? Want to learn new technologies, be part of something cool, you can. Contact us, and we will find time and place for you. If you have one hour a week, that is one hour extra. We have planned work leading up to 3012AD, so there’s plenty to share.

Experienced developer? Can you develop Facebook and Google, while simultaneously cooking a Goulash? We’d like to talk to you. But just talk. Well you talk, we will say um-hm every two minutes. This is not a company like any other. This is not a job that you want. We don’t offer anything.

Big Data
Testing Automation
Microbiology, Neuroscience and Antic Philosophy (chart came free with theme had to use it somewhere)

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