Frequently Asked Questions

Straight away. AppsForce is free to use to start with, so if you have some existing systems, you can run two in parallel while you copy your data. If you do not have existing systems, AppsForce is ideal starting point to quickly create robust online platform for whatever your business needs are.
Best way is to register on our site and follow our 3 step wizard. It will ask a few questions, like your domain name and size of the server and set it all up in 5 minutes. Alternatively you can read our documentation and follow the instructions to set it up manually. This might take a few hours at least.
If you have an existing solution, you need to modify it so it works with AppsForce. Follow our documentation and once you are ready submit your application. At the moment we do not have developer portal, that will come during 2018, so best way to contact us is via e-mail or Skype.
This is as simple as downloading apps from your phone. Just go to our store, chose the app, and check out. It will be installed automatically on your AppsForce. Alternatively you can also download app from our GIT repository.
Yes if you want to. You can also keep it with your existing registar. Renewal price should be the same, so if you want to keep everything in one place you can do so. Click on manage domains on your dashboard to start the transfer process.
If you are using wizard, it will ask you to chose the domain name, or you can do it later from your dashboard. Chose your name, select all domains you want to buy, go to checkout and we will set it all up for you.
MyGroups is the app which comes as part of the AppsForce. You can click on Add new button to add departments, groups or teams and than just drag and drop members from the list. Don't forget to save.
Email us please. We are working to create a reseller portal in 2018, but we can still do business right now. We will be happy to have a conference call and answer all your questions. After that we sign the contract and you start reselling.
Well you don't. It is all done for you, so you chose the app in the store, and we will set it up. Once it is installed you can start using it, assign people straight away.
AppsForce is our business and our product. It is also your ultimate business tool. You can read more about all of these on our web site.